Time-Lapse Cameras

Whether it's for personal or marketing use, a large investment, a house building or an event, we guarantee it will look great on our videos!

We make your videos according to your needs. You don’t have to worry about technical details.

Sit back! Relive your memories!

We operate the self-developed cameras within the framework of a wage construction.

Installation, possible replacement or troubleshooting is part of the service.


UHD 4K Resolution

The video showing the passage of time is made of 3840x2160 images, and the live image available on the Internet and can be embedded on your own website can be HD Ready 720p or Full HD 1080p.


Cloud Upload

ZULU cameras delete the images after successfully uploading them to the cloud, so there is no need to sync them manually, but they can store them for weeks in the event of a network failure.


4G LTE Connection

ZULU cameras have their own unlimited broadband internet connection, which they can share with each other or can also use an existing WIFI network.

Drone Perspective

Our experienced pilot routinely takes modern and creative shots by flying into the middle of events or from a bird’s eye view. Ordinary locations can also reveal a whole new face or give back in an extraordinary way the events of a construction or investment. The photographic application of drones can be limited only by the human imagination. We strive to find the best solution for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

+36 20 250 80 30

About us

“It’s helpful to be able to track the condition of my construction live on the go. I’m also looking forward to the timelapse video.”

- Kovács Szilárd IKO Invest Kft

“We are building my father’s house under the fabulous ruined church in Zsámbék. I am happy to record the construction from the beginning, it will be an experience to look back when it is done.”

- Krisztián Baj-Na Kft

“I like to be ahead of the competition, both in terms of quality and marketing. These videos also show well on my website.”

- Tóth Richárd Kanóc Beton Kft

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